How to Pray


If you open our eyes while you pray, you’ll be tempted to stare at the interesting and amazing things that normally attract human eyes. So, you wouldn’t be able to meet God, because of this world’s things.

Close your eyes to flee from the dazzling things in this world, and take your vision away, toward the heaven. This way, you’ll get more concentrated during your prayer.

It should be noticed too that some church hymns are actually prayers. Through such prayer songs, you can speak to Jesus, while singing.

The Book of Psalms contains the most highest form of sung prayers, that people in the Old Convenant largely used in their daily and weekly worships.
In such Psalms, God’s children praised and thanked God, and also expressed their complaints in time of disasters such as famine, war defeat, etc…

Some Psalms also contain songs of penitence. Clearly Psalms are another form of music to show emotions and desires to God.

Most of the Psalms were written by King David, and display the depths of his life. Others, however, praise God.

If you do not know what prayer to say, either because you’re still new in the christian life, or you aren’t able to make one, due to the present situation ( Romans 8:26 ), I advise you to just recite a psalm taken from the Book of Psalms, as this Book is actually a book of christian prayers.

Many believers rely on the book of Psalms for their daily prayers. In the past, it wasn’t unusual to hear Psalms sung in the fields and vineyards of the holy land in Palestine.

So, definitely, a Christian should never say “I don’t know how to pray”.

Praise God, worship Him, let it be known to the world all the great things He did.
Always remember Jesus’ saying ordering you to pray without fainting, in Luke 18:1-8.

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