When to pray


What is the right time to pray?

If we examine Christ Jesus’ life, we can find that He was always praying; He could find the time to pray despite his busy schedule.

Likewise, Christians should imitate Christ in His praying life; and should pray zealously either in time or out of time.

That means, God expects you to get in touch with Him in the morning, and in the evening, and at any other time that you can afford every way.
In one word, there should be no occasion left without praying, day and night.

It’s best to make prayer the very first thing to do when you wake up in the morning.
Don’t let lazziness overcome you and say : “Wait a minute”, “Let’s make it after breakfast”, “Let’s check the news first”, “I’m still tired”, …

If you do so, you’ll be distracted by other things, and at the end, would miss your morning prayer.

It’s very important to call God as soon as you get up in the morning. This time is usually very quiet, hence fit to talk and listen to Jesus in your private room, before you start your daily duties, studies, and business activities.

Tell Him plainly what happened to you, your family, and your friends; then tell Him what you plan to do today and what you desire; and don’t forget to ask Him to never leave you alone in the execution of this plan.
He is most certainly more capable than you to do that, with love.

Nevertheless, it’s not always easy to adopt such kind of life, especially if you were used to have an autonomous life before.
So it will require a fair amount of training and commitment from you, because your own body, the people around you, the devil, smart devices – like computer, TV set, and telephones – … will certainly make their best to disturb you.

You can find now how important is a morning prayer, as it’s the basis of everything in the day for a Christian.
King David had shown good examples of morning prayers in Psalm 46:4-5 and Psalm 57:8 .
He used to wake up in the morning to praise and worship God with those Psalms.

God did promise that all of those who seek for Him early in the morning will find Him (Prov 8:17).
Therefore, this time that you devote in meeting God every morning isn’t lost at all.

This is a prayer that all Christians should do every evening, before bedtime.
It’s an opportunity to give thanks to God for having guided you during the day according to His will.
In fact, you should learn, not only to ask, but to give thanks too, as Jesus loves that, according to Luke 17:17 .

So you should take the time to pass into review everything that happened during the day, and you’ll find how numerous were God’s blessings that you’ve received in a single day only.
Doing so will help you to properly thank and praise God, our Father who is in heaven.

During your evening prayers, you’ll notice that you did something wrong during the day, either in your acts or speeches, or even thoughts.
So, it’s time to ask for forgiveness, as well as for a protection during the night.

Asking for protection is very important, because Christians have a lot of enemies, both visible and invisible ( Eph 6:12 ).

In addition to asking for protection during the night, you can ask for a refreshment of the soul and the body too, during your sleep, in the quietness of the night, best moment for listening to the voice of the Holy Spirit of God.

If for some reason you wake up suddenly during the night – maybe because of a mosquito, or a loud noise from outside – try to not miss this opportunity in order to make another prayer, as God is always eager to hear from you.

It’s nice if Christians would pray without ceasing all day long :
– in the morning,
– in the evening,
– before and after meals,
– before and after naps,
– when about to start something like study or work,
– when suddenly remembering someone (this person might be in trouble at the moment),
– …

In this case, you should find a means to do short prayers, feasible any where you are, as explained in other pages of this website.

Luke 18:1 .

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